There’s just one problem with being a fan of crafts – it is one hobby that can work out very expensive and time-consuming. It feels like you have to buy new materials and supplies continually, and you might spend a lot of time ensuring your creations are just right. Thankfully, though, being into crafts doesn’t have to be a significant drain on both your time and money. In fact, if you follow these great tips, you will see that you can actually save quite a bit and you’ll be a budget crafter before you know it.

Always Get Samples

There is nothing worse than buying a load of supplies and finding out that they are the wrong kind once you get home. So, it’s always worth to get a few different samples to test out at home. That way, you can figure out which ones are the best to use before you start using them for your finished product. You should be able to get paper and paint samples for free or at reduced prices at your local craft store. I also make a point of buying the smallest example of a new item if I am not sure it will be just what I want.

Hot Glue Is Worth It

Lots of people seem to steer clear of hot glue when they are making things. It has quite a bad reputation for being dangerous. But, thanks to modern glue guns from the likes of Glue Guns Direct, you can find new ones that are very safe to use. It really is worth investing in a glue gun as it using this type of glue can save you a lot of time in the long run. It is quicker to dry than regular glue so you can complete all your craft projects in hardly any time at all.

They are also fabulous for stitchingly challenged people like me. I cannot sew to save my life so if I can get away with attaching fabric with a glue gun; I’m there.

Make Your Own Equipment

Why buy some key pieces of equipment when you can make them yourself at home? For instance, you can make simple stamps by carving an image onto a small block of wood or even on a potato. It’s also easy to make some blending sponges. All you need is a little makeup sponge and an office binder clip. Attach the binder clip to the sponge, and you then have a small blending sponge you can use on your artworks. That will certainly work out a lot cheaper than buying a proper blending sponge from a shop.

Protect Your Knitting Needles

Are you sick of damaging your knitting needles and always having to buy new ones? There is an easy way around that problem – you just need to make some protectors, and you can do this out of corks from your wine bottles. Take a used cork and use the needle to make a slit or hole in it. You can then insert the needle into this opening whenever you put them away. Now that the end is protected by the cork, there is very little chance that it will get damaged.

Discover The Dollar Store

For some crafts, you need to have a particular quality item. Some crafts though can be created with any old materials. If you are making crafts with the kids that will end up in the recycling in a couple of weeks get your supplies from the dollar store. The kids won’t notice any difference in the paper plates, the glue or the tissue paper but your wallet will thank you for it.

So there you have it. A craft hobby doesn’t always have to be expensive or time-consuming, and these tips should help you make your hobby and projects a lot more manageable for your bank balance.


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