Do You Want To Write For RedheadedPatti?

Here at Redheadedpatti, we value the opportunity to provide our readers with perspectives, knowledge, and points of view from a variety of writers and contributors.

First, I would like to say – Please, do not produce work expressly for publication on without first submitting a pitch. We have had writers do this in the past and I hate to think of someone spending their time on something that may not be appropriate for us.

Pitches should meet the following guidelines before submission to:

Pitch Guidelines

To submit a pitch for an article or other content:

  1. Review our submission guidelines, site content standards and rules, and industry standards (below) and ensure they will be met by your content.
  2. Provide details of your proposed content including a provisional headline, a summary of the piece, your projected date of completion, and the category of the website where you think your piece will fit.

Submission Guidelines

All work submitted must adhere to these guidelines:


  1. All content must be factual and accurate, you should cite sources or studies within the text, and additional resources may be listed at the end of the piece.
  2. Articles should be at least 1000 words, not including any quotes, captions, or words within images.
  3. Where possible, at least one image, which must also be free of any copyright restrictions, should be included with the post. Any imagery must be accompanied by details of where it was obtained.
  4. All content should be spell and grammar checked, and ready for immediate publication.
  5. Content should be submitted as either an email attachment or as a link to a Google document.

Site Content Standards & Rules

  1. Content should be entirely original and may not have been published either in part or in totality in or on any other publication or site unless previous approval has been obtained from the RedheadedPatti team.
  2. Some exceptions may be made to point one when the content would be of particular interest or value to our readers. In these cases, a unique element, such as an introduction, should be added and the piece will clearly state “previously published & details” or “Adapted, with permission form & details.”
  3. Content should be in keeping with the family/parenting/lifestyle subject matter already found on Off-topic, content may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  4. is a family focussed site. Every article must be free from “adult language” and free from sensationalism or prejudice of any kind. The only exceptions to this rule are when a quote is used. In this case the content of the quote will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Any links within the content should provide value to the reader.
  6. Links for which the writer has received payment must be clearly identified as such when the content is delivered. They shall be no-follow links and a paid content disclaimer shall be included
  7. We reserve the right to make editorial changes to any submitted work that we publish. These changes would not alter the substance of the content. Instead, they would be purely for style or aesthetic reasons.

Industry Standards

  1. Content that has been produced with the sole intention of building backlinks will not be accepted.
  2. Links will be included at the site manager’s discretion, as will the allocation of follow or no-follow tags.
  3. Any links which are included in submitted content must be aligned with the anchor text.
  4. We consider it unethical to ask content creators to work without a financial reward which accurately reflects their time, skills, experience, and efforts. As such we do not solicit submissions as we are unable, at this time, to make payment to creators for their work.

All content published on remains on the website indefinitely. When first published, content is shared on the RedheadedPatti social profiles and included in the RedheadedPatti newsletter.

Following these initial shares, the content may be randomly disseminated on the RedheadedPatti social media profiles, via an automated plugin. Consequently, the frequency or scheduling of these shares cannot be predetermined.