About Patti Barnes

Well hello there, welcome

Welcome to Red Headed Patti.

This site began as a personal blog, created to share the things I found fun and useful, with the thought that if I found them so, my readers might also find them helpful.

As the years have passed, my site has grown. It now has contributions from many other writers who share the same worldview. However, although RedHeaded Patti is now more of an online magazine than a personal blog, I maintain control over all of the content, so we remain true to our humble beginnings.

The parenting advice, love of book posts, reviews, crafts, recipes, giveaways and the random items that pop up are still carefully curated with you in mind.

On a personal note, if you would like to know more about me:

I’m Patti, and I am:
  • A busy mum of 5,
  • The wife to the love of my life since 1992,
  • A voracious reader of many genres,
  • An enthusiastic, if not entirely successful cook,
  • The type of crafter who tries hard but whose results never look like the picture,
  • Homeschooler of 2 children with an additional two homeschool graduates
  • A proud mother-in-law who is trying not to wait excitedly for grandbabies,
  • The organizer of appointments and records for our family with an alphabetti-spaghetti of medical conditions.
  • A blogger since 2011
  • A freelance writer since 2012

We are lucky enough to live in Vancouver, British Columbia – the most beautiful place on earth – immigrating here from England in 2003. Two of our kids live with autism and one with a mild cerebral palsy, so there’s always something to do & somewhere to go – the calendar on the fridge has never seen so much action.

Having left the business world for a far more hectic and high-pressure life at home, I unexpectedly discovered that I love being a stay at home mom. My greatest ambition, at the moment, is to sit down and drink an entire cup of tea, without interruption, while it’s still hot.

So pull up a chair, get comfy and, hopefully, enjoy what scrolls across your page. Please comment or email me – I love to hear from you, my readers – without you I’m just a crazy lady writing to no one.

You can contact me at personally Patti@Redheadedpatti.com
Business enquires, please direct to Admin@Redheadedpatti.com