Life is not always plain sailing. There are many trips and falls and twists and turns in all our life stories—some for good and others for the worse. You cannot stop life from happening, but you can control how you react and deal with the changes life throws at you. There are so many ways an unexpected change can disrupt your life, but if you act emotionally or irrationally, it will not serve you well. It is about mindset, and there are a few ways you can see yourself through a dire unexpected occurrence. 

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Accept Your Fate

Things happen, and there isn’t much we can do about it. To help deal with an unexpected event in your life, you should develop a mindset that accepts that bad things happen. You cannot live as if nothing is going to happen to you; otherwise, you will be mightily shocked and surprised when something does. Acceptance is half the battle. It allows you to look at the reality of the situation without denial, and it is only from a position of seeing things as they are that you can move forward with any real kind of achievable plan. 

Have a Backup Plan

When these unexpected events occur, it helps if you have some contingency in place. The type of contingency you have is entirely dependant on the kind of person you are. So it can be intensely personal. If you will lose your house, for example, do you have any family you can move in with until you get yourself sorted? One thing is for sure, whatever the unexpected event is, you are going to need money. So start saving or investing. If you are in debt, work to reducing this debt too. The last thing you want is to lose your income and have debts to pay off.

What can you Control?

Instead of focusing on what you have lost, you are far better at focusing on what you can do about it. When something awful happens, you should first take some time out to think and assess the situation. If you have some money saved, it is easier to do this, as you have effectively bought time. But you need to create a list of things within your control and set to resolve those. Perhaps your partner has died as a result of an accident caused by someone else. In that case, a team of talented wrongful death lawyers may be able to get you the compensation you need and deserve. No one 

Create a New Plan of the Future

As well as focusing on what you can control, think about your future. How can you use this situation to make a new life for yourself? Is there anything you ever wanted to do, and now that you are thrown up in the air, nothing is holding you back? Moving forward can be challenging, but try and make the future seem bright.