It’s understandable how, after many years, a house is not as good as it was when it was built. Many people who live in one residence for more than six years may decide to move. However, moving is not the only choice, as 61% of families choose to renovate their homes instead of moving within the same timeframe.

Renovating the house is a long process that can involve many people. To choose the perfect renovating team, make sure to carefully plan all of the work you want to do. As you renovate your home, consider supporting small businesses in your community in the following ways.

Hire a Local Contractor

Every major project needs a general contractor to do the actual construction work, and to support small businesses, make sure to hire a local contractor. Most contractors can give you some guidance on design, materials, and creative solutions for tackling challenges, but make sure to have a general idea of what you’d like to do.

Before hiring, check that they have a valid license and insurance. An unlicensed contractor has lower prices, which can seem appealing. However, if the contractor doesn’t have any worker’s compensation insurance, you will become the de facto employer and all responsibilities will fall on you. If the work doesn’t meet building codes, you will be responsible for the repairs as well as any accidents that take place on the property.

Work With a Women-Owned Interior Design Company

If the renovations don’t include any drastic change to walls and room functions, you can call an interior designer to help with projects such as:

  • Designing custom build-ins and cabinetry
  • Choosing furniture styles, color palettes, and finishes
  • Project management and purchasing of materials, fixtures, and appliances
  • Considering overall traffic flow, lighting, and space

Once again, make sure to support your local businesses. A great way to do that is to employ a women-owned interior design company. Women-owned businesses, according to statistics from 2017, employ nearly nine million people, and they could always benefit from your support!

Hire a Local Pool Company

Renovations may include building the pool of your dreams. To build one, you need to start by hiring an architect and a pool contractor. The architect will make sure to get approval from the Department of Buildings, and they will also handle any gas and plumbing lines that need to be moved. Meanwhile, the pool contractor will handle the actual building of the pool.

To avoid running into pool installation nightmares, make sure to do your research. You can’t go wrong if you hire locally. Your local pool company will be well-known around town, so you can ask around for reviews on them as well as prices.

Thrift Furniture for the Kids’ Areas

A great renovation project is creating your kid’s play areas and rooms. Go to your local thrift store for unique furniture. Oftentimes, items end up in the thrift store when families don’t have use for them anymore. However, if you see something interesting and you think you can fit it, buy it and fit it up with bright colors for your kids. This way, you will have brand new furniture at an affordable price whilst supporting your local thrift store.

Buy Decor and Games From a Small Business

To complete your renovations, you may want to buy some decor. Instead of buying online or from big chains, you should consider buying from your local small business. If you shop at your local small business, you may find original pieces that will make your home look unique.

One thing you must buy from your local store is games to play with your family. As of May 2020, there have been over 200 million copies of Minecraft sold. Purchase family-friendly video games, and also consider involving the entire family in an old-fashioned board game by buying some vintage games at a local store in your community.

As you renovate your home this summer, consider these ways you can support small businesses in your community. Keep your money and resources local, and possibly save some money in the process!