Wonder Park is a new animated film from Nickelodeon Movies and Funrise have released an extensive range of toys so kids can enjoy the excitement of the movie when they get home.

Wonder Park is the story of June, a little girl who is struggling to cope when her mother becomes ill and has to go away to in order to recover. Wonderland is the fictional amusement park June, and her mom created. The imaginary fun spot comes to life come, as do the mascots and other items and June finds herself fighting to save Wonder Land from “The Darkness.”

Hot on the heals of the movie, Nickelodeon will be releasing an animated TV series this year.

The Wonder Park Toy Line

Funrise have taken the movie and created a wide range of toys, from playsets for your little to recreate some of the best scenes, through huggable stuffies for all day snuggling, to a fabulous “Build Your Own Wonder Chimp” set which is an feast for those hungry imaginations.

Evey is not a huge fan of collectable figures, “surprise inside” items, or buildable item but she does adore anything cuddlable so, when we were sent a list of the toys and asked to choose a couple to review, Evey lost no time in choosing the large “Wonder Park Huggable Boomer” and the “Wonder Park Scented Wonder Chimp Plush Princess.”

First Up – Boomer

It is difficult to appreciate from the photograph, but Boomer is incredibilly soft and has an extremely strokable fur. So much so that I found myself stand, staring off into the distance and absentmidibily stroking Eveys new blue buddy, enjoying the feel of the fur beneeth my fingers.

As you can see, from the publicity shots above, Boomer is the perfect size to enjoy a big, two armed cuddle, and the fact that he is not packed tightly with stuffing means that Evey enjoys a good “Squishy Snuggle” in bed, without an overly firm toy filling to thwart her affections.

And So, We Get To “Princess”

The official souvineer of Wonderland is the Wonder Chimp and in the movie there are a number of differently styled and dressed Wonder Chimps, each with it’ own distinct personality.

Evey chose “Princess,” and she decided that it didn’t matter what “princess” was like in the movie, in our house she would be Evey’s partner in crime. So now we have two mischievous monkies in the house, one living and breathing and topped with a mop of red hair, the other stuffed prettily dressed and, oh I forgot to mention this bit, smelling of cotton candy.

Yes, that’s right, there is a line of scented plush toys, all of which smell of cotton candy, just like the Wonder Chimps in the movie.

I was told by Evey that “Princess photo bombed Boomers shoot because she was bored.”

and hid under the bed when it was time for her own photo session.

Again, here are the publicity shots, and you can get a fell for the size, but, unfortunitly for you, not the cotton candy scent, of Princess.


The Funrise Wonder Park soft toys are an excellent choice for stuffy fans. They are well made, appealing, and made for hugging, just make sure you don’t end up introducing a mischief maker to your home. Mind you, at least, with Princess being scented, we really can “smell trouble” so I guess it’s not too bad after all!.