Is it time to refresh your home? Most homeowners reach a point at which their cozy house starts to look a little neglected and forlorn. After living in a house for years, it acquires a certain sense of homeliness. But that feeling of comfort can quickly turn to discomfort once clutter starts to build up, paint starts to peel, and furnishings begin to look old and tarnished. The goal is to maintain the coziness and personality which makes your household feel like a home but still keep the place looking clean, tidy, and fresh. It might be time to make some improvements and refresh your house. These suggestions should give you some inspiration if you want to provide a fresh start for an abode that’s falling apart.

Refresh With Space To Breathe

The first thing to consider is the space in your home. You should feel cozy in your home, but there’s a difference between coziness and clutter. You should be able to relax in your living room or bedroom without feeling like the place is overcrowded with junk. It might be time to declutter. But you can do more than just throw out your old things to make room in your home. Refresh how you use your space. You can put up shelving units on the walls to create new storage space or start to store items under beds to make room. Think carefully about the layout of your home; it should feel spacious.

Renew By Tackling Those Chores

Everybody has one. As the weeks or months go by, a steadily growing list of household chores starts to emerge. And we’re talking about more than mopping up surfaces – we’re talking about the leaky faucet you’ve been avoiding or the handle that fell off the kitchen cabinet (several months ago). It’s time to take a look at that list of chores and make your household look shipshape, once more.

If the bathroom tiles are chipped and broken, then you can learn how to re-tile the walls or floor by watching YouTube tutorials. The same goes for fixing squeaky door hinges. There’s a YouTube video for every DIY chores you can imagine. If your roof and gutters become coated in ice over the winter months, then you might want to get a heat trace system to efficiently de-ice them. It’s essential to tend to these maintenance tasks before they become a serious problem and cause damage to your household (or affect your comfort at home).

Revitalize The Exterior

Once you’ve freshened up the inside of your house, you need to do some work on the outside too. A shabby exterior can ruin a beautiful interior design. Do some landscaping to give your home a colorful and vibrant aesthetic from the outside. Some fresh flowerbeds in the front lawn (and back lawn) could transform the appearance of your home. You want to return home every day to a refreshing sight when you pull into the driveway. You could even plant a tree in your front yard and watch it grow into something beautiful.