There are millions of people in the United States living with physical disability. Some of these disabilities require a wheelchair.

If you have a child who is bound to a wheelchair, it can be very hard for them to navigate around your home. Fortunately, modifications and adjustments have been created to make a person’s home life a lot easier. It can be very hard for a person in a wheelchair to get around their house if it isn’t made to accommodate one.

Legal Eagle Contractors, Co. says building a ramp at each home entrance is an easy, yet necessary modification. Most homes have enough room for a wheelchair ramp to be built. But if yours doesn’t, vertical platform lifts are available for purchase. If you’re building your own ramp you need to make sure it is wide enough to accommodate the wheelchair. You should also include handrails on the sides of the ramp, along with a non-slip surface.

According to How Stuff Works, making a walk-in closet handicap accessible is a big help. Your closet’s doorways should be at least 32 inches in width, which is similar to the doorway of most rooms. The inside of the closet should be equipped with adjustable rods. These rods are great because the clothes can be hung up high but then pulled down to a lower level when needed. When the rod is pushed back up to the higher level, you’ll be left with extra storage space.

The closet or any room in your home should not have plush carpeting. While it may seem like a good way to make a space a lot cozier, wheelchairs aren’t easily able to roll over them. If you do want carpet in your room, pick one that is no more than one-half-inch thick. You should also avoid throw rugs as they can easily move.

Your bathroom is used regularly on a daily basis. If it isn’t handicapped accessible it’s going to be pretty hard for your child or relative to use the facilities. Fantastic Handyman says place at least three rails around the toilet for holding purposes, clear at least 1,200 millimeters in front of the toilet bowl, and install a low sink. To have all of these accommodations met it might be easier to simply remodel your bathroom completely. Furniture is usually the third most expensive thing a person will ever buy, after their house and their car. But in the case of a home that needs handicap modifications, the furniture might not cost as much.

In the United States every year there are at least two million new wheelchair users. Because there are so many people relying on mobility assistance, there are so many different modification options out there. Adding a few rails around your toilet may seem pointless for you, but for your child or family member, they’re crucial.