Buying and selling a home is a colossal rollercoaster of emotion as you seek out the right property while trying to sell your own. The joy and excitement of finding your new house, the worry, and fears about selling your old place, it is easy to feel all over the place. The paperwork to fill in, the things you need to organize, but actually, I think the one thing that is most stressful is the actual physical act of moving. The boxes, the things to get from one place to another, the heavy lifting and the sheer upheaval of it. However, don’t worry, I have some top tips to help you make moving home much more manageable. I am no expert, but we have moved nine times in twenty-six years, including one move from one side of the world to the other, so I do have a little practical experience.

Organise a moving company to do the hard work for you

One of the first things to think about is whether or not you want to hire a moving company to do all the hard work for you. They vary in price, and a quick look at sites like will give you an idea of the moving packages available and what might be right for you.

This is especially useful if you have a fair way to travel, and it means that you can focus more on getting things in order when you arrive, rather than worrying about whether the sofa will fit through the front door. Not everyone likes relinquishing control on something such as this, so if you do feel like you can’t help but get involved, then organizing the packing side of things could mean that you get the best of both worlds. Which brings me nicely to my next point.

Pack for each room in your new home, not the old one

The most important thing to think about is how you pack up the house. Think about your new home rather than the rooms things are in at your current residence. Pack for the new place with the items you want for that room, and then label each box accordingly. This will help you when you arrive as you can then just unload the boxes to the appropriate rooms. This way you are semi organised with the times that belong in the right places.

Have an emergency box for the first day and night

No one wants to arrive at their new place in a sea of boxes and then start looking for the important things like pyjamas for a nights sleep, a kettle for some tea or coffee or even a toaster to help you satisfy those hunger pains. This is when an emergency box could be really beneficial. Include everything you might need for the first 24 hours, such as any regular medications, toiletries, things to make drinks with, and even some emergency food supplies.

Items such as toilet paper and snack bars are easy to forget but invaluable. You will be thankful for thinking ahead on this point, especially when the kids start the inevitable Mooooommmm moments. 

Keep children occupied

Finally, it can be quite difficult to move home when you need to keep one eye on children, so if you can organise for them to be taken care of by family or friends. If you don’t have that luxury, charge up the iPads, download some films, and have a box dedicate dot them filled with things to occupy them such as coloring or crafting supplies. Websites like have some great ideas.

I hope that these tips help you move home easily in the future.