The core of our selves is tied to the way we look. When you’re happy with what you see in a mirror, you can approach life in a much more productive way. And sometimes it takes some time to get there, but other times it means a change is in store for you. 

So, maybe you don’t have time to experiment, or maybe you’re just looking for a bit more confidence in your look? No matter why you feel the need to change things up, you should go for impact over anything else. You want to both look and feel different, and this post is here to help you achieve that. Check out the points below for a bit of inspiration. 

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Try Out a Skincare Routine That’ll Make You Glow

Your skin looks great, but with a healthy glow, it’ll really make you stand out! As such, you may need to try out a new skincare routine. Something that’ll moisturize right down to the deepest of your pores, especially if you’ve got dry or normal type skin that sometimes struggles to look bright and beautiful. Get a cleansing product involved, and even think about using a toner if you’ve got unbalanced skin that’s hard to care for sometimes. They’re not always a beneficial step in the routine, but a toner does have its uses! 

Go for More Hair Volume Over a New Cut

The more volume you have, the better you’ll frame your face, and the more you can do with your hair overall. So instead of a new cut, focus on hair treatments that’ll help to give your locks more weight and life. For example, if you’re thinning on top, you could look into 

hair loss and hair transplantation procedures that’ll be incredibly beneficial. Otherwise you could try out new hair routines, such as the ‘curly girl method’ if you’re forever straightening your hair to keep it under control! 

Frame Your Look with More Accessories

Aside from using your hair to frame your face, you can also invest heavily in accessories to help make your look more fresh and stylish. A good pair of drop earrings, for example, can go a long way to adding a little extra edge to the contour of your cheeks. Or if you’re wearing something with a bare neckline, dress it up with a simple necklace that’ll sit light on your collarbone. Add some bangles and rings and you’ve gone from a plain outfit to a star stopping piece that’s straight from the magazines! 

Focus on Your Eyes

Finally, think about the way your eyes look when you’re staring at them in the mirror. Any type of eye is gorgeous, but can you elevate this natural beauty to the next level? Of course you can! Using creams to prime and eyeliner to define, you can make your eyes really pop, even if you’ve got glasses on. 

If you want to change your look, go for impacting methods over anything else.