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A simple way to bring a little wonder into your garden this summer is to create a fairy garden. One of the best things about building a  fairy garden is that they can come in all shapes and sizes and consequently there are no right or wrong ways to make them. You don’t even really need a garden of your own!

An inside fairy garden

If you don’t have an outside space that you can use, fear not because fairies can live anywhere! All you need is a tin or even a wooden or cardboard box, lined with plastic. Fill approximately one-third of your box with soil and plant something simple & fast growing such as cress. Cover a few areas with small stones and paint some larger stones for the fairies to live in – don’t forget the door and windows.

We added a few sticks, pieces of bark & moss to ours then Evey colored some foil and chopped it up for ‘fairy jewels’! Let your imagination wander and see what you can create. Perhaps you could share a picture of your garden – I have a special fairy garden/fairy circle Link up at the bottom of this page.

A Fairy Ring in the Garden

If you are lucky enough to have a large enough outside space in which you can grow a fairy garden, then you can make it big enough to sit & play & picnic in! Just place a stick at the point where you would like the center of your fairy circle to be. Tie a long piece of string to this and then tie on another stake at the end. Use this to mark out a circle. Use a shovel to dig out a 6-inch wide trench & fill it with potting compost. Plant some ornamental grasses and perennial plants in the circle, leaving two clear spots so you can walk in and out. Now you have a fairy circle to sit in!

An Outside Fairy Garden

Finally, you can build a fairy garden, exclusively for the fairies anywhere outside. You could paint some large stones for them to have houses, make furniture from twigs and grasses and use all kings of garden items to provide places for you fairies to live in.

If you lack time, skill or inspiration, you can also buy many beautiful items from full fairy house kits to fancy fairy houses, tiny fairy garden accessories or even ponds for your fairies to fish in. I used some of the items below for inspiration.


Echo Valley 6240 Fairy Garden Starter Accessory Kit $23.06


Enchanted Fairy Garden Kit $24.99

Fairy Garden Cottage – Mini $24.34

Fairy Garden Fairy Bench With Believe Pillow $13.33

Best Friends Miniature Garden Fairies $9.75

Miniature Fairy Garden Tiny Pots, Set of 3 $7.49

Miniature Fairy Garden Garden Pond, Small $18.94

Miniature Gardens: Design and create miniature fairy gardens book $17.46

Fiddlehead Fairy Garden “Gypsy Wagon” $36.99

Fairy Saying Stepping Stones Set of 4 “Hope Faith Love Wish” Miniature Fairy Garden Village Accessories Pieces Decorations $10.28



  1. These are so adorable. We made one last year out of an old coffee barrel, but we didnt have the actual little furniture. My kids just made stuff out of bark and whatever they could find. I want to buy some cute little things and make an actual one. This is so adorable and whimsical!

  2. I love this and these are all great ideas, I just wish I had a big enough back yard space to
    do so many of these ideas, I know the grandchildren would love this..

  3. These are seriously so cute and beautiful!! I have the perfect place to start one!! Thank you for the great how to guide 🙂 Makes it seem all less overwhelming!

  4. We currently live in an apartment with no place to put a garden (though I like the idea of an indoor one), but we will be moving into a townhouse in May and I think I might plant something and maybe add a little fairy garden as well. It’s so exciting moving to this comparatively awesome new place!

  5. I love this new garden trend. Fairy gardens are so enchanting and cute and make a great project to do with the kids. Thanks for sharing some of the resources.

  6. Aww this is adorable. I love the bench, pond and best friends the most! I don’t have a fairy garden but maybe this is something I can work on for this year!

  7. These little fairy gardens are so intriguing and so enchanting!!! I love what you do and
    love that you share these inspiring ideas you have to make one of my own.Thank you 🙂

  8. These items are so cute for the garden. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  9. OMGosh I adore this. Still I’m not sure that you need all of this stuff. When I was little I believed that fairies lived in our garden and was convinced that this was true because if I left acorn caps full of water out for them sometimes the caps were empty in the morning.

  10. My grandpa did something similar when we were kids…he created small houses/signs on trees for Mrs. Mouse and Mr Toad and Mr Frog!

  11. I like the idea of having a particular theme before starting the project. I think it will really help in the long run even though the garden will in part evolve on its own.

  12. I have seen some pretty cool Fairy Gardens on Pinterest, a lot of inspiration on there to go off of if you are starting one.

  13. How cute that is. I want a fairy garden now. I can sit and look at it and dream away.

  14. I love this. I tried to make a fairy garden last year. We have the coolest looking buildings, homes, a pond with fairy fish. It was so much fun. Unfortunately we used a glue gun, and the first time it rained, the glue melted and everything dissolved and fell over. It was sad, but still so much fun.

  15. My daughter has been wanting to make one didn’t know they had these great kits to buy will have to do one together.

  16. These are fabulous ideas to do and have a Fairy Garden this summer! I never thought about doing this, and the word markers and angle fountain is something that I would love to do.

  17. I started a Fairy Garden last spring but need to add to it this year. They have such cute items out to make them!

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