Getting a job for the first time is an experience that can be both thrilling and scary for your child. The extra money they will get to make as well as the responsibility that often comes with a paycheck may be something that they’re not sure of how to approach. It’s part of parenting to guide them on this, so have a look at our top five tips to help you guide your child for a great experience at their first job.

Talk To Them About Their Experiences

The first days at work may be different from what you all expected, and so it’s a great idea to talk to them. This will enable them to get things that may be bothering them off their chest, helping them stay less stressed. It’s also important for you to know whether the conditions are safe at their workplace, which is something you are most likely to know if they talk to you about it.

The National Floor Safety Institute shares data that slips and falls are the number one cause of compensation claims filed by workers. They’re also the leading cause of occupational injuries for people who are 55 years and older. Find out if the environment is safe for them to keep working in.

Have a Practice Interview

Interviews are often stressful, even for adults who have had a fair number of them. To make sure your child has an idea of what to expect and is prepared, you could hold a practice interview with them to help them prepare. You could go the full length and have them dress up for the ‘interview’, then give them advice based on how they responded to questions and conducted themselves in general. Give them tips and help them stay calm, and they will be happy to come celebrate with you if their interview goes well.

Help Them Find a Good Job

Times are changing, there’s no doubt about that, and jobs that may have been great or okay a few years back may not be the best to consider, especially with a career in mind. As explained, it’s a major part of good parenting to set your child up for a successful future, so have a talk with them to point them towards good jobs. These may be anything, from assisting at your local vet to working in IT. Recent statistics show that the market for IT services is projected to boom, growing by about $193 billion. With this information in mind, guide your child into a field that they’re going to enjoy growth in, setting them up for a bright future.

Ensure They Dress Well

Getting and keeping a job depends on maintaining a neat and tidy appearance. This means that it’s time to help your child know how they should dress for work. If they’re working at a place for which they wear a uniform, let them know it should always be clean and free of creases. If not, advise them to observe how fellow colleagues dress or even ask their supervisor for clothing suggestions.

Teach Them About Responsible Expenditure

When they start their first job, it’s good parenting to educate your children on responsible expenditure. Talk to them about buying responsibly and keeping some money aside for a rainy day. This is knowledge that many adults could use, with 41% of them regretting making a purchase they thought they wouldn’t regret making and 31% of them being neutral before purchase but regretting it afterward.

Prepare your child for a prosperous future by sharing with them information that helped you out as well as information you did not have and that could have improved things for you. Help them out as they’re preparing for their first job, and they will probably remember it for the rest of their lives.


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