We have a number of options for advertising, sponsored, posts and other forms of collaboration available. 

If you do not see an option that works for you here, please contact us at with your proposal, or to request a custom solution to meet your needs.

Ad Sizes Available

Premium Ads

Placed in a premium spot at the top of the sidebar, visible on every page, above the fold or as a banner at the top of every post.

Size is negotiable, but the advertiser must provide the ad to be displayed. Ads may be in place for one, three, or 6 months

For prices and current availability, please contact

Regular Ads

Regular ads are placed in a vacant spot on the sidebar and will appear in the same spot on every page, next to every post. Requests for a particular placement will be considered, depending on availability

For current availability and price, please contact

Company Feature / Advertorial

A company feature takes the form of a post about your company and can include information about products, customer testimonials, company history, or even an interview with a staff member, CEO, etc. or the founder.  Posts include social media links, anchored text links, keywords, and pictures of products, as well as direct links readers to where readers can purchase products.

All company features include a clear indication, either within the text or as a disclaimer at the end of the article, that a payment is made in return for publication.

To avoid oversaturation of paid content, spaces for this kind of post in the editorial calendar are limited, and spots are often booked several months in advance. For current availability and price, please contact

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