8 Great “Dragons – Race to the Edge” Toothless Crafts #Streamteam

8 great toothless craftsI was hoping to share the Astrid costume I am making for Evey with you today, but the clay bird skulls are taking longer than expected to dry. So instead I’ll share 8 great Toothless crafts from around the internet – you’re welcome.

1. How to Train your Dragon Toilet Roll Craft from The Keeper of the Cheerios
how to train your dragon

2. Build yourself a Lego Toothless – from Frugal Fun for Boys


3.  Try this gorgeous Toothless hooded towel from Crazy Little Projects


4. A Toothless plush on Quirky Artist Loft


5. How about a crocheted Toothless? Instructions on Raverly


6. A super cute Toothless costume from a sweatsuit on Tried & True


7. A paper cube Toothless by Paper Craft Square


8. A 3D Toothless printable from Dreamworks




  1. I love some of these ideas, I wouldn’t mind doing one for Halloween for my grandboy.

  2. I have been wanting to crochet and/or sew a toothless for a long time now! I LOVE toothless! That hoodie is super awesome as well!

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