If you lack confidence, then entrepreneurship is probably not for you. When you start, run, and grow your own business, you have to get the job done under stressful conditions. Successful entrepreneurs understand that challenges bring rewards and they focus on the final results instead of worrying about the process.


Even the best of entrepreneurs can be blindsided by an unexpected problem. It is how you react to those problems that set you apart as a successful entrepreneur.

Being able to respond quickly to any situation and navigate out of trouble will allow you to be three steps ahead of those who fail to adapt.


When you are the engine that drives your business, you must have the passion to keep momentum, even when you feel like grinding to a halt.

You have to enjoy what you are doing to be successful. There will be many long days and nights when you will feel that your business has taken over your life. If you are not passionate enough about what you are doing, you are going to have the additional stress of having to do something about which you do not care.


An extensive list of contacts does not make a business network. Value based relationships that bring something to both parties are what build a network and lead to long-term relationships and success. Read the Grace Lever review to see what we mean.

Connect with people who may not be essential to your success right now but who may be critical at a later date. When you have a real network, it will be a network of valuable business friends and contacts, not a pile of business cards on your desk.

Risk Taker

Taking risks in business isn’t just about putting your money on the line. The biggest risk is devoting 100% of your time money and effort into making your business work.

Some people are afraid to start their own businesses because they do not feel they have enough money to do so, or they don’t have a financial cushion in case things don’t work out.

It is the people who are not afraid to take a risk, even with very little start-up money that are the ones who see the greatest rewards.

Life Long Learner

Businesses are always innovating, changing and evolving. Keeping up with new methods and innovations in your industry allows you to ride the front edge of that wave of innovation instead of having to paddle after the wave has crashed.

Only those who grow, staying sharp through constant learning avoid being overtaken by those who stay up to date. You can get up an hour earlier to read books, take a day out to go to industry events and learn online anytime you can and you should definitely check out Grace Lever as a starting point. 

The Ability To Sell

If you want your business to be successful, you have to sell what you have to other people. The art of the sell is central to entrepreneurial success because if you cannot succinctly tell people why they need to buy your product, they will move onto someone who can.



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