@DKCanada Brings You 365 Things To Do Outside


    When asked about my favorite DK books many of their captivating large hardbacks come to mind. With their beautiful photography and in-depth knowledge, they are our go-to for many of our home school projects. However, DK has such a vast range of ‘hands on’ activity kids books that for “I Love DK” I have chosen “Great Things to do Outside – 365 Awesome Outdoor Activities”.

    This fabulous little book has, as you may have guessed from the title, an outdoor activity for every day of the year (except a leap year – but you can spend that day indoors with another good DK book!). Soft backed and easily transportable you can take it along on day trips, vacations and visits to relatives and always find something fun to do, no matter where you are.


    From the very simple, no equipment needed “Look for Shooting Stars” to the equally simple “Count Tree Rings,” these activities act as an excellent jumping off points for discovery. We often choose an activity at random and then use that as the basis for a whole variety of learning.

    There is something for every kiddo in this book. Got an artistic child? They’ll love ‘Make clothes-pin owls’ & ‘Make a leaf stencil bag.’ Have a super active little sprite that loves to run around? For them, there’s ‘Throw sponge bombs’ and ‘Race over an obstacle course.’ A budding spy in the family? ‘Make a hidden image’ or ‘Reveal a secret message.’ Science nut? ‘Take a quadrant survey,”Make a rock pool viewer’ or ‘Measure space with your hands’ -the list goes on & on.


    As far as I am concerned this is one book every parent should own. It will encourage your kids to get outside & explore, discover and interact with the world around them. Even on dreary indoor type days, there will be something fun to do.

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    1. I would love the Picturepedia and Canadian Encyclopedia of Gardening.Have been a huge fan of DK since I home schooled my kids!

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