34 Reasons Why Play Matters – Infographic

To fly a kite you need a hearty breeze and lots of space. In a whimsical sense, humans are a lot like kites! Play gives both kids and adults the freedom and momentum to truly soar. For kids, play is a natural state that sparks learning, nurtures confidence, and builds communication skills. For adults, play provides a haven from the daily grind, inviting fresh ideas and spontaneity. For everyone, play is an ideal way to find ourselves and be ourselves! This infographic is a celebration of why play matters, gathering quotes and facts from advocates who believe in the power of play.

34 Reasons Why Play Matters

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  1. When we play with our children or give them attention in another positive manner it shows that they are important. Play can be simple and does not have to be some complicated craft from pinterest.

  2. We’re actually headed out to play in the snow, 5 days in a row now, for hours! Love watching my girl play and discover new ways to play!

    During the summer months, she spends the entire day out back playing with water and a ton of containers of different sizes. She truly amazes me.

  3. When I was a kid we played outside all the time there was only atari out and we rarely played it

  4. yes I ‘m a 20 years old ( not sure which to use girl or woman but I will say girl in this context ) girl and I still loove to play whatever game !! I just feel free and I feel sooooooo happy. that is when I start wishing that the game never end. weird right ? lol one should be himself 🙂

  5. I love still being a kid and coloring sometimes, singing silly songs, getting on a swing…it makes me happy.

  6. Play is so important for kids and so important for kids to play with thier parents. This is actually one of resolutions this year is to play and spend more quality time with my boYs. We have been riding bikes, last weekend we made mud and went crazy, tomorrow we are swimming 🙂 it has made a difference for me and them.

  7. I have said this for years. My oldest has ADHD, but millions of kids are misdiagnosed every year. Instead of giving these kids a pill or punsihing them for ‘fidgeting’, take them outside and let them run and PLAY!!
    The public schools in my area have eliminated recess, thus giving the kids no chance of running off some pent up energy. This is one of the reasons why we have decided to homeschool. When my kids get too rowdy, I take them outside and let them run, then come back inside for some more learning.

    • That’s one reason why I love homeschooling. Our son Gabe has autism and lessons are much more productive when he can roll around on the floor or run about. Our oldest son also as autism and cannot absorb anything unless he is doing something else and if their youngest sister (who has ADD) couldn’t run about during the day I think she would explode!

  8. Release your inner child. After it rains take off your shoes and stomp and splash in the puddles that the storm left behind.

    • That is so important – we forget to play and the joy that simple things like splashing in a puddle can give – if only you let yourself enjoy it 🙂

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