30 Days Of Christmas Activities? Are we mad? Don’t we know there are only 24 days in December before Christmas and that there’s already too much to try and pack into those days already?

Fear not dear readers, I haven’t gone crazy, well not completely and not as far as this post goes anyway.

No, this post is 30 Days of Christmas Activities because there are 30 and you could do one a day. However, it is not like an activity advent calendar where you have to tick each one off on the “right” date. Instead, it is a batch of 30 fabulous suggestions for family fun that range from the simple but often overlooked “Drink Hot Chocolate” to the altruistic “Volunteer in your community” via plenty of the type of crafty, energetic, indulgent, activities that can make your Christmas that little bit more magical.

There are even alternatives for some of the activities, just in case you don’t have the traditional snowy, winter, Christmas weather. So, while one suggestion is to build a snowman there is also the alternative of “make a snowman ornament.” Of course, if you’re an overachiever you might want to go for both, and who am I to argue?

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