It can be tricky, working out a birthday party theme with your daughter that doesn’t involve anything to do with the Disney movie which shall not be mentioned but starts with F and ends with ozen. You don’t really want a theme with any up to date movies or shows because the character items will cost a fortune and you won’t have anything to do with them afterwards. Just check out Craigslist, and you will see post after post advertising used party supplies as shell-shocked and wallet shocked parents attempt to recoup some of their cash.

Most of the most impressive looking birthday party photos I found out there were, when you looked closely, very basic at the core. By dressing up cupcakes with themed toppers, using colour coordinated straws, hanging some streamers, and using free printable found online, you can put together the party you always imagined.

Of course, having said that the point of the day is for your little one to have fun and that won’t happen if you are running around like a headless chicken, stressed out and unable to spend time with them. So remember, if it doesn’t look like the picture in your head, that’s OK your kiddo won’t recognise the imperfections in the cake icing or the fact that a drink was spilt before everyone can see how wonderful everything is. Your little one will remember having a great day, and that is what you are aiming for!

So enjoy some fabulous girls party ideas that will wow your kids and leave you able to benefit from the day with the minimum amount of stress possible.

My Little Pony Party – Home Made Interest

The thing that makes these ideas, on Home Made Interest so good is the fact that they have taken basic items and used toppers and food colouring to make a high impact.

Sweet Treats Dessert Birthday Party – For the Love of Food

Proof, if it was needed, that the key to a successful party is the fun. What kid doesn’t want to leap in and make their own dessert with as many toppings as they like?

All Things Animals Party – What’s Up, Fagans?

An excellent example of how you can use non-character party supplies to magnificent effect. The zebra stripes are perfect for setting the scene then you can use all manner of annimal themed food and drinks for your refreshments. Party games and activities can easily be adapted to fit the theme. As an added bonus, it is not all pink and frills!

Sew Cute Lalaloopsy Birthday – Ribbons and Glue

A coffee can, some string and some tissue paper make up just one of the high-impact, low-cost ideas for this cute little Lalaloopsy birthday party

Easy DIY Hello Kitty Party – DIY Inspired

Another excellent example of using colour coordination for a BIG impact. Visit DIY Inspired to see all of her other fabulous ‘Hello Kitty’ birthday party goodies.

Art Birthday Party – Here Comes the Sun

A lovely, fun, theme for a birthday party with a winning partygoers activity. If you go to ‘Here Comes The Suns’ post you can also get your hands on all of the printables that make this party special.

Rainbows & Unicorns – Kara’s Party Ideas

A rainbows and unicorns party appears to be a pretty tall order. Nothing that involves uniforms seems to be an easy make, but Kara at Kara’s Party Ideas can put you straight on that point. Heavy on the glittery & beautiful this party planner made use of non-edible unicorns and simple dress-up items to host a magical little girls party.

Shopkins Birthday Party Ideas – How Does She?

There are lots of links to smart YouTube tutorials for the basics in this party as well as instructions on how to make the difficult looking but easy to implement Shopkins themed food. I particularly liked these goodie baskets in place of goodie bags, the perfect choice if you want to avoid too much candy.

Butterflies & Flowers – Catch My Party

The Butterflies and flowers garden party could easily be a simple garden party if you are looking for some mid-summer fun. The accessories could easily be reused for this, as well as grown up parties, baby showers and anything else you might want to celebrate with a party.

Mermaid Tea Party – Houseful Of Handmade

This small but sweet mermaid tea party could easily be upscaled to a full on birthday party. The key to success here is using your imagination like Kati of House Full of Handmade did and made lots of items you might find under the sea. This sets up the whole party without having to make everything into a mermaid.

Glow In The Dark Party – A Pumpkin and a Princess

This glow in the dark party theme can be adapted for any age group. Little ones will enjoy the novelty and older kids will appreciate having a party late enough

Ice Cream Party – Classy Clutter

Simple ice cream decorations made from card and balloons, colour coordinated spoons, napkins, table cloth, and plates. Another party where the little ones can put together their own ice-cream cones!

Emoji Party – Lillian Hope Designs

Click on the link above and see more of these unique Emoji party items. These could easily be reproduced at home and there are countless ways to incorporate emojis into food-stuffs, masks, and party games.

Pink Circus-Themed Party – A House Full of Sunshine

All you need are stripes and a few random animals scattered around and you have the base for a superb circus party. The use of themed cups to set out portions of foods like popcorn can be used for almost anything. The same goes for pouring out drinks and putting striped straws in them. You do not need to go out and buy cute little milk bottle for this to work either, any plain glass or cup would be suitable.

Howdy Cowgirl Party – Pretty My Party

Finally the cowgirl party at Pretty My Party. This just goes to show that you do not have to use a thousand items that are overtly connected to your theme. In this party, there are a few horse icons but the theme is brought together with colours and gingham patterned accent.

Perhaps you could share you party tips with everyone or maybe post a few pictures of how you used some basics to throw a winning party.


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