10 Tips To Help You Stop Smoking in 2017

Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do. Still, as something that has such a devastating impact on your health, people are eager to find a way that will help them get rid of this addiction.

Some of us are even willing to go to support groups while other feel this is something that violates their privacy.

Any way you look at it, contact with tobacco, cigarettes and even smoke can be really hazardous. This is why I made this list with best tips that will help you start a new nicotine free life.


Get mentally prepared


Smokers usually stumble on the first step, and that is deciding not to be smokers anymore. It is tough to tell yourself that cigarettes are evil and even harder to quit this pleasant feeling you get after smoking one.


Find the proper time for stopping


Here is another thing that most people forget. Even though you are mentally prepared to quit smoking, perhaps this is not a good opportunity to do it regarding your current state. If you are having some issues in life, it is really easy to go back to tobacco as a way of relieving stress. You need to be completely satisfied with your life before starting the process. Otherwise, it is really easy to relapse.


Remove everything that reminds you of cigarettes


It is really easy to have cravings if you constantly think of something. Having a reminder makes it much easier for you to crave cigarettes and to relapse.

Stop buying cartoons of cigarettes



If you’re thinking about gradual quitting, it is best to stop buying cartons of cigarettes. As I mentioned, everything reminding you of them or which can be associated with them should be removed from your vicinity. Cigarettes should be scarce, and it should be tough for you to attain them (for example, you can move to a neighborhood where stores close early or are far away from your home).

Do physical activity



Exercising is a tough thing to do if you are a smoker. When you exercise, your lungs require a lot of capacity to work and adapt to strain. So, when you finish your training, your body is much more likely to crave nutrients and water than cigarettes. Smoking goes against your body and the longer you exercise, the more noticeable it will get.




As you well know, electronic cigarettes are really popular in the last couple of years and for a good reason. Not only are they less harmful than the regular ones but they are also a good way to quit smoking. In the end, e-juice or vape liquid is much less harmful than nicotine and is much better for you.


Try other nicotine replacement therapies


Of course, there is also another way to get rid of this habit. There are also other viable replacement therapies such as patches and gums that can help you fight your addiction.


Interaction with pills


Now, I’m definitely not saying that you should start using pills or medications as a way to fight your addiction. It is well known that some of them can help you out in this situation. However, you shouldn’t start using them just for this purpose as there is no reason to replace one addiction with another. Instead, if you’re already using something ask your doctor whether they have any effect on reducing craving.




People tend to smoke more in stressful situations. As I said, you should start your treatment when you’re in a good place mentally. However, you should also make sure that this mental state persists. Do everything you can to be relaxed, quit doing things that irritate you, start doing walks and massages.


Avoid alcohol


Most smokers tend to have increased consumption of cigarettes while they are drinking. So, if you stop drinking or at least reduce it, you will also reduce cigarette consumption or if you’re totally going cold turkey, cigarette craving.

With these simple tips, you will be able to quit smoking in no time! Just be positive and try to do things that your body approves.