10 Frightfully Easy Kids Halloween Costumes #Craft

Kids Halloween Costumes Collage

Every September I say the same thing. I will organise Halloween early. I will not wait until one week before and think “huh – I should have made something already.” I will not try and persuade the kids that winding some bandages around themselves counts as a mummy costume. I will not try and cop out by saying I’ll put some green make up on their face and they can be zombies, and I certainly won’t find myself, at the store on October 30th, trying to find anything that will fit them.

Of course, I say this every September and do the same thing every October. So in an attempt to save myself from winning the worst Halloween mum in the world ever award (for about the 12th year running) I have finally got it together, made a list of DIY costume possibilities and even worked out the materials I’ll need to make them. Now if I can just keep up the momentum, the kids might get costumes they adore this year! Wish me luck; I’m going to need it.

Here are my top ten frightfully easy to make Halloween costumes for kids. There is a little bit of something for everyone – even a family of Muppet Halloween costumes. Let me know if you try any – or share you’re own easy to make Halloween costumes.

Black Cat

Homemade Black Cat Tutu

I like this one because it is simple to make from existing clothes and could be adapted into all kinds of animals.

My Little Pony - Rainbow dash

Rainbow Dash My Little Pony

This one I like because your little one can choose to be any of their favorite ┬áMy Little Ponies – I can just imagine a whole group of them trotting along the sidewalk…….

Elsa Cape

Elsa Cape Tutorial

A cape has endless possibilities. If you check out this tutorial, you can also see the Superman version. If you’re handy enough, you could really make it into any superhero cape, but I like the Elsa version best.


DIY Knight from a Popcorn Bucket>

The knight’s helmet is a useful addition if you have a store bought knights costume. Of course, it wouldn’t be a costume on its own, but you could certainly make the helmet, a shield, and a sword and have a great costume, just like that.

Muppet Family Christmas

Muppet Family Costumes

I’m a big fan of family costumes. I have always wanted us to go as the Griffins from Family Guy. That would take a significant amount of work but this Muppet set is pretty straight forward – and I especially like Animal.


DIY Riddler Costume

You probably have everything you need for this costume in your house right now! The beauty of this Riddler costume is that you can’t really go wrong (well I could, but that’s a particular skill of mine). If you can draw a question mark, you can make this costume, and it doesn’t get much easier than that.

Star Wars

DIY Stars Jedi and Princess Leia Costume

Of course, some costumes may be a bone of contention. I included these adorable Star Wars costumes because they are both easy and adorable. However if like our house, you’re Star Trek and not Star Wars, you may want to skim over this one quickly. If I find any TNG costumes, I’ll let you know.

Cat in the Hat

Dr. Seuss, Thing 1 & Thing 2

Perfect for siblings – I wish I had seen this many years ago when our oldest three would have been adorable in these outfits. I am seriously considering these for the youngest two this year and going as the Cat in the Hat myself.


Mickey Mouse Costume

“Hot Diggity Dog” as they would say on Micky Mouse’s Clubhouse. This costume was made from existing clothes, and a few bits picked up cheaply in Micheal’s.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy Fairy Costume

Last, but by no means least, Poison Ivy. Another great costume many predominately from existing clothes, with a few imaginative additions thrown in. This is one I can see Evey wearing as it would look good with her red hair and her pretty on the inside, a little monster on the inside persona! Of course, I didn’t really mean little monster; I meant spirited, independent, expressive young lady who is not afraid to speak her mind………